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History of Childhood and Youth in India

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Children's Rights: Global and Cross-Cultural Perspectives

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Colonial and Postcolonial Girlhoods


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Histories of Childhood in the Global South


Global Childhoods


Adoption and Adoptive Family Lives

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Youth, Class, Politics, Consumption

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Education and the Reproduction of Inequality

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Latest publications

NEOS Current Issue : Anthropology of Children and Youth Interest Group 

 ---Smruthi Bala Kannan and Rashmi Kumari

Collaborations Across Global North-South: Considering Opportunities and Challenges

 ---Vijitha Rajan 

Ethnography and Migrant Children: Perspectives and Challenges

*Catriona Ellis

Climbing the Coconut Tree: Three South Indians Use Their Personal Memories of Colonial Education to Influence the Decolonisation of Education after Independence in Marcelo Caruso and Daniel Maul eds., Decolonization(s) and Education:New Polities and New Men, (Berlin: Peter Lang, 2020)

*Cyril Brandt, Tom De Herdt and Stylianos Moshonas

ROAPE Blog Post: Everything Changes, Everything Stays the Same: Congo’s Education Crisis

-- Brandt, Cyril Owen, and Tom De Herdt. 2020. Reshaping the Reach of the State: The Politics of a Teacher Payment Reform in the DR Congo’. Journal of Modern African Studies 58 (1): 23–43.

*Sneha Krishnan

--Where do Good Girls Have Sex? Space, Risk, and Respectability in Chennai, Gender, Place and Culture: A Journal of Feminist Geography, May 2020

-- Digital History and its Potentials: A Microsyllabus,

"The Abusable Past", Radical History Review, May 2020

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