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The context under which 21 year old Shubhangi Derhgawen created the following piece was the migrants crisis during the Covid-19 lockdown. Shubhangi writes: "As a dancer and a student, it was frustrating to see the situation we were in. I was a bit closer to understanding the reality because I was involved in some relief work, and the anger that I felt and still feel towards the entire political system, is unimaginable. It just used the entire situation as a pawn in their political game, and the worst part is that more than half of the people around me were still forwarding food recipes and talking about how 'these people are illiterate and responsible for spreading the virus.' I have always tried to find expression and raise my voice through my dance. I truly believe that a revolution starts in the mind, and I find no better way of giving a thought and asking people a question, than with my dance. Thankfully I was able to channelise it through this perfect piece by Gulzar."

Shubhangi Derhgawen has just completed my Bachelor's in History from Hansraj College. She is also a professional dancer, trained in multiple styles and is trying to create an artistic platform for dissent called 'Sounds of Democracy.' 

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