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A forum for bringing together academics and practitioners interested in teaching and conducting critical research in the multidisciplinary field of Childhoods and Youth Studies in South Asia and beyond.

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We invite short contributions: opinion pieces, commentaries, analysis, visual essays, and other creative formats based on our monthly themes. 

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CCYSC Dialogues

Join us as we engage with scholars and practitioners in discussions. Find videos of our webinars and events here. 



A series of podcasts with scholars, and practitioners of childhood and youth studies about their research, ideas, and opinions.

Quote of the Day 

“To the extent that man loses his ability to make choices and is subjected to the choices of others, to the extent that his decisions are no longer his own because they result from external prescriptions, he is no longer integrated. Rather, he has adapted. He has "adjusted” and he has turned into an Object”. 


- Paulo Freire, Education for Critical Consciousness.

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