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Archives and Interviews

Check out these interesting archival projects and public initiatives:

Indian Memory Project

Traces the history of the Indian subcontinent via images in personal archives

Youth Circulations

Youth Circulations is a nexus for research, art and activism around youth mobility and the politics of representation.

Childhood Publics 

Children's Photography Archive

exploring the relationship between childhood and public life

Basel Evangelical Mission

Browse missionary photographs from 19th and 20th century colonial India and Africa

B is for Bapu 

This project pays tribute to the art produced by child artists of Mumbai on Mahatma Gandhi—or Bapu—the father of the nation

Samvidhan Live: The Jagrik Project

The Commutiny's public initiative for youth citizenship action

South Asian American Digital Archive

Documenting, Preserving, and Sharing Stories of South Asian Americans

Pratham StoryWeaver

An open access initiative to

read, listen, and translate multilingual stories for children

Changing Childhoods

Childhoods in Britain and Turkey During the 1980s and 1990s

Nepal Picture Library

A broad and inclusive visual archives of Nepalis social and cultural history

Memories of Everyday Childhoods 

De-colonial and De-Cold War Dialogues on Childhood and Schooling

The Museum of Material Memory

A digital repository of material culture of the Indian subcontinent, tracing family history and social ethnography through heirlooms, collectibles and objects of antiquity.

PARI: People's Archive of Rural India

A living archive of the rural

India, its people, and everyday life.

Exercise Book Archive

A growing collection of school

exercise notebooks from across the world.

Arvind Gupta Toys and Books

Science for Children





Blue Jackal

Tara Books

Yali Books

Karadi Tales

Tulika Books

Parag Reads

Kitaab World

Young Zubaan

PickleYolk Books

Mango DC Books

Children's Book Trust


Charmaghz : Kabul's first mobile library

The Community Library Project : Free public libraries for children and adolescents 

Pratham's Library in a Classroom

Persian/Farsi Children's Library

E-Pustakalaya OLE Nepal

Bright Star Mobile Library, Islamabad

Links to COVID-19 DOCUMENTATION INITIATIVES in and on South Asia

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