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Children's books on Body Positivity & Awareness 

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Children's Books on Inclusion and Disability

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Ethnographies of Children in India

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Children's Rights and Social Justice

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Youth Studies in India

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Gender, Sexuality, and Beyond 

Reading List for Children

Ten Books on Sexual Violence for Youth and Adults

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For Children in the context of “History & Culture”.

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History of Childhood and Youth in India

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Children's Rights: Global and Cross-Cultural Perspectives

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Colonial and Postcolonial Girlhoods


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Global Childhoods


Adoption and Adoptive Family Lives

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Youth, Class, Politics, Consumption

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Education and the Reproduction of Inequality

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Latest publications 



Anandini Dar and Divya Kannan, Labour Childhood and Youth in India: Engagements with Modernity. [Palgrave Macmillan, 2023].


Reva Yunus, 'Labour class' children's schooling in urban India: a sociological account. [Routledge, 2023].


Utsa Mukherjee, Race, Class, Parenting and Children’s Leisure. [Bristol University Press, 2023].


Anandini Dar, "Decolonizing Children's Suffrage: Engagements with Dr. B. R. Ambedkar's Ideas on Democracy" in John Wall (Ed) Exploring Children's Suffrage, Palgrave Macmillan, 2023.


Soni, "Laying the Foundation of the ‘Native’ Christian Community: The Church Missionary Society and Its Experiments with Famine Orphans and Orphanages, 1840s–1920s", South Asia:  Journal of South Asian Studies, August 2022


Tatek Abebe, Anandini Dar, Ida M.Lysa, Southern theories and decolonial childhood studies," Childhood, July 2022.


R.Maithreyi, Ashwini Puja, Satyanarayana Ramanaik, Mohan H.L, "Beyond ‘rescue’ or ‘responsibilisation’ within girls’ empowerment programmes: Notes on recovering agency from the Global South”, Childhood, June 2022.


Divya Kannan, 'Caste, space, and schooling in nineteenth century South India', Children's Geographies, June 2022.

Rashmi Kumari, "Constructions and contestations of Indigenous girlhoods in residential schools in Central India", Children's Geographies, May 2022.

Shaima Amatullah, "Contesting the secular school: everyday nationalism and negotiations of Muslim childhoods",Children's Geographies, April 2022.

Smruthi Bala Kannan,“Clean bodies in school: spatial-material discourses of children’s school uniforms and hygiene in Tamil Nadu, India”, Children's Geographies, April 2022.

Vijitha Rajan, 'Shed', 'shed makkalu', and differentiated schooling: narratives from an Indian city', Third World Thematics 2022.


Leya Mathew, English Linguistic Imperialism from Below (Multilingual Matters, 2022)


Parul Malik, Exploring alternatives: children's participation in Critical Sexuality Education in India' Gender and Education, March 2022


Parul Malik, "What has literacy got to do with sexuality education',  Language and Language Teaching, Vol. 11, No.1 , 2022



Divya Kannan, Anandini Dar, Sarah E Duff, Hia Sen, Shivani Nag, Clovis Bergère

"Childhood, Youth, and Identity: A Roundtable Conversation from the Global South," The Journal of Childhood Studies, 47(2), 20-31, 2022. 


Maithreyi, Ketaki Prabha, Arun Viknesh,

"Decontextualized schooling and (child) development: Adivasi communities’ negotiations of early childhood care and education and schooling provisions in India", Children's Geographies, January 2022 

Reading Lists & Member Publications

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