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We are currently 170  members strong. The Collective includes graduate students, PhD scholars, Early Career Academics, Senior Academics, Researchers, Youth Activists and Practitioners.

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Current Interns


Pooja Agarwal


M.A. Education,

Ambedkar University Delhi 

I volunteer as an Academic Support Fellow for Delhi Chapter at Make A Difference, working with children in five shelter homes across Delhi. I run a social media marketing agency part-time. My interest areas are gender, language, behavioural psychology, and design.


Astha Ohri


M.A. Education, ECCE

Ambedkar University Delhi 

I am  currently pursuing MA Education (ECCE) at Ambedkar University, Delhi. I am oriented learner, I am always up for learning new things and grasping new concepts.Childhood and the concepts associated with it have always fascinated me and I have continued to engross the information available around to better suit my needs.


Kanak Jain


M.A. Education, ECCE

Ambedkar University Delhi 

I love engaging with stories and at CCYSC I have the opportunity to fulfill my interest for more exposure and engagement with children's literature. Currently pursuing my masters at School of Educational Studies, AUD.


Sanjana Chopra


M.A. Education,

Ambedkar University Delhi 

I have previously worked with the government of Delhi on the Happiness and Entrepreneurship Curricula. I am also a part-time photographer and filmmaker, and have been part of many projects documenting children and education.


Harshita Chandolia


M.A. Education,

Ambedkar University Delhi 

Currently pursuing M.A Education at Ambedkar University, Delhi. My passion for Art landed me to work with the team of CCYSC and learn new things and collaborate with many artists.


Gailiangsing R Panmei


M.A. Education, ECCE

Ambedkar University Delhi 

I am pursuing M.A Education (ECCE) from Ambedkar University Delhi. I like to study about childhood education and curriculum.

Ankhi Thakurta

PhD Student, University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education
(Reading/Writing/Literacy) in the Literacy, Culture, and International Education Division

Ankhi is a third year doctoral student at the University of Pennsylvania GSE, and former middle school English Language Arts teacher. Her research draws on critical sociocultural literacy studies and theories of transnational girlhoods, and explores the civic literacies and identity formation processes of (im)migrant girls around the world. At Penn, she currently manages a research-practice partnership that explores issues of educational equity and access alongside youth and families from historically marginalized communities in the city of Philadelphia. Committed to developing equitable educational opportunities for youth with histories of migration, Ankhi is especially passionate to support the development of socially just civics education.

Rabani Garg

Ph.D Scholar, Literacy, Culture, and International Education, University of Pennsylvania

My research interests include feminist pedagogy, young adult media, literature, and culture, and youth literacy practices. My current work in India focuses on motivations guiding youth authoring and sharing on social media platforms, and digitally mediated sites itself as a tool of surveillance. I have worked in the field of children’s literature, curriculum design and informal education.

Noam Peleg

Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales

My research sits in the intersections of international children’s rights law and childhood studies, critically examining child development and the law, focusing on questions of agency and dignity.

Ethiraj Gabriel Dattatreyan

Senior Lecturer, Department of Anthropology, Goldsmiths, University of London

Gabriel's audio-visual and written ethnography engages with the ways in which digital media consumption, production, and circulation shape understandings of migration, gender, race, and urban space. His forthcoming monograph, The Globally Familiar: Digital hip hop, masculinity and urban space in Delhi (Duke University Press), narrates the stories of Delhi’s young working class and migrant men as they productively re-fashion themselves and their city through their online and offline aesthetic practices. Dattatreyan has also published articles exploring digital media worlds in relation to, amongst other themes and concepts, waiting, memory, masculinity, postcolonial solidarity, and global racial formations.

Kriti Budhiraja

PhD Candidate, Sociology & Interdisciplinary Center for the Study of Global Change

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

​My doctoral work is an ethnography of college life in a public university in India. I am interested in studying inequality and the everyday life of institutions

Lucy Hopkins

Lecturer, Children and Family Studies at Edith Cowan University, Perth, Western Australia

My research is in childhood studies and explores the cultural politics of childhood, including representations of the ‘global child’ and children’s agency in climate action.

Johannes Drerup

Professor,Philosophy of Education, TU Dortmund

I am also a guest professor at the Free University of Amsterdam. My research interests include philosophy of education and childhood, moral and political philosophy and applied ethics. I am also a co-founder of the open access journal On Education and co-edited a handbook on the philosophy of childhood (together with Gottfried Schweiger; 2019, J.B. Metzler). Other recent publications include: Education, Epistemic Virtues, and the Power of Toleration. In: Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (CRISPP), 2019

Smruthi Bala Kannan

Ph.D. scholar, Childhood Studies Rutgers University-Camden.

My work engages with adolescent children’s lived experiences of cleanliness discourses in Tamil Nadu, India, to explore ways in which ideas of modernity and childhood are negotiated through body, material, and space.

Ayushi Rawat

Department of Sociology, University of Delhi

About to get my PhD in Sociology, my doctoral work is an ethnography looking at children's everyday experiences in Kashmir's conflict. I am also a trained Social Worker from TISS, Mumbai specializing in working with children and families. As a student coordinator for the Social Outreach and Enabling Centre of Fergusson College, Pune, I have worked closely in developing age appropriate and culturally sensitive teaching aids for activity-based learning for children of migrant construction workers and sex workers' children in Pune. This experience motivated me towards learning and developing child-friendly, creative ethnographic research tools that I used in my subsequent research. My interests include childhood, children's geographies, methods of research with children, ethnography, gender, conflict and resistance, education, interdisciplinary approaches.

Alice Sophie Sarcinelli

F.R.S.-FNRS Research Fellow at Laboratoire
d’Anthropologie Sociale (Irss/FaSS, University of Liège, Belgium)

Alice is specialised in the fields of anthropology of childhood and anthropology of kinship. She is currently conducting research on same-sex families in Italy and Belgium and is as part of the research programme “At the edges of kinship: origins and new familial configurations (2018-2021)”, National Research Agency, Centre
Norbert Elias, France. Her thesis on Roma childhood and parenthood in Italy, undertaken at the École des
Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales, Paris, was awarded the Richelieu Prize 2015, Prix de la Chancellerie de Paris.

Tanu Biswas

Postdoctoral researcher under the Jr. Professorship for Political Philosophy, University of Bayreuth.
Advisory Board Member of The Childism Institute, University of Rutgers- Camden.

Tanu works on the intersections of philosophy of education, child rights and childhood studies from a childist point of view. Her post doctoral research considers contemporary children's civil disobedience (School Strikes for Climate) as an opportunity to rethink inter-generational relationality in education.

Yamila Rodríguez

Lawyer & PhD Scholar, Department of Law, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina

I research the extension of the international obligation of the state to ensure children's rights to participation and access to justice in the criminal justice system, focusing on children who are victims and witnesses of crimes.
My interest in children rights and child-friendly justice comes both from my academic training and my career as a civil servant at a Criminal Court in Buenos Aires, where I´ve worked for more than ten years, seeing how stressful it can be for children to give testimony and how they are frequently left aside in decision making processes.

Vidya Subramanian

Assistant Professor,

Centre for Education, Innovation & Action Research,

Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

My research explores the trajectories of young corporate professionals entering the developmental sector to further aspirations of service, self-making, and entrepreneurship. This extends my doctoral research which studied the Teach for India programme focusing on intersecting discourses of corporate philanthropy, PPPs, and new forms of governance in public education. I have a PhD from the Zakir Husain Centre for Educational Studies at Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi. My research areas of interest include education policy and development, PPPs in education, and entrepreneurial cultures among the youth.

Hedi Viterbo

Lecturer (Assistant Professor), School of Law, Queen Mary University of London

​My research investigates legal issues concerning childhood, state violence, and sexuality from an
interdisciplinary and global perspective. Among other things, I critically examine the ways in which
law and human rights conceptualize and shape both childhood and adulthood.

Cyril Brandt

Associate Researcher, Institute of Development Policy, University of Antwerp.

I finished my PhD at the International Development Studies programme at the University of Amsterdam in 2018. I have worked on

(1) the political economy of educational governance, reforms and teacher salaries in protracted crises, particularly the Democratic Republic of Congo and (2) youths, education and peacebuilding. Furthermore, I have analysed teacher governance in violent contexts. More recently, my work has focused broadly on the contested provision of education in humanitarian emergencies.

Sushri Sangita Puhan

Ph.D. scholar, Social Work, University of Sussex, England.

I am a Development Practitioner with ten years of experience working exclusively on issues related to children and youth. I am currently pursuing my doctoral research on adoptive family practices in India, an exploratory study which aims to understand how and why people think, talk and practice adoption in their everyday lives in an environment where adoption is largely unspoken. The research is undertaken in the context of a transitional legal process designed to streamline adoption and an evolving socio-cultural environment that has witnessed increased domestic adoption. I am also a recipient of the prestigious British Government’s Chevening and Chancellor's International scholarship.

The Critical Childhoods and Youth Studies Collective (CCYSC) is a network for scholars and practitioners engaged in the field of research on and with children and youth across South Asia and beyond. 
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