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The CCYSC is an independent collective that aims to encourage a community of scholars and practitioners working with/ on children and young people in the South Asian regions and beyond to:

Share and exchange knowledge about the field of childhood and youth studies through hosting dialogues, discussions, publications, podcasts, conferences, initiating research projects, call for papers for books, edited series and other print/ online resource exchange.

Develop resources and information for emerging and ongoing scholarship to strengthen critical academic research and bridge the gap between the field of praxis and academic inquiry related to young people. 

Support and work together on initiatives of social justice and equality of all young people in society, and hence, also contribute to critical growth in social movements that young people initiate.

Host research projects and publish research outputs on relevant and significant topics on children, childhoods, and youth in the global South contexts, which have been marginalized in the global discourse on childhood and youth studies.

Build alliances with young people and children and youth groups and create spaces for co-learning, discussions, sharing.

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