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Education in Lockdown

Continuing with the theme of 'Children and Youth Speak Up' for the month of October 2020, we share below a piece written by a tenth grader, one of Rabani Garg's co-researchers talking about the challenges of education during lockdown.

Ever since the lockdown started, many children, teachers and parents are facing a very difficult situation. I am a student of class tenth at a school in New Delhi and I want to share what I noticed and felt...and I have questions.

When children are having online classes, teachers are in a flow of teaching in their respective class time and period, but what about the students who are weak in studies or children who need more attention from the teachers as they can not understand easily or what about those who need more support from the teachers? What about the students who are shy to speak and are often made fun of, or ask questions between the class, or repeat some topics which they are not able to understand as they are lagging behind in studies?

Some have internet problems, as they are not able to join the online classes and some children who are not able to afford such devices for the classes. Children are not able to move forward with their studies because of lack of interest or poor participation in online classes, then the students are not able to perform well in their online tests which are then put into the report card. Because of the lockdown the situation has even worsened from before as children are not able to be attentive, participate during the classes nor are they able to conduct the online classes due to poor internet or do not have the device to conduct the classes.

At this time many children are at loss that would be very important for the country in future.

A Student’s Perspectives



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