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The CCYSC Blog Theme for January 2021: Digital Technologies: Changing Childhoods and Youth

We are happy to announce the theme for the month of January (2021) on CCYSC Blog: 'Digital Technologies: Changing Childhoods and Youth' The questions about the relationship between digital technologies and childhood and youth have evolved in the last decade, from ones that centre around the amount of time spent in front of the screen, to much more complex ones surrounding the affordability and access to a wide array of digital technologies in diverse and interconnected realms of children’s and families’ lives (Danby et al 2018; Livingstone and Blum-Ross 2020). The conversations that started with electronic games, educational programs, possession of computers and electronic devices by children and young people have now developed into complex ones encompassing engagements, interactions, socially constructed meanings and transformations created via applications and platforms enabled by digital technologies. They bring together and mediate private and public relations, maintaining and rewriting transnational and transgenerational ties unfolding in the context of global migrations and socioeconomic change. For this month’s theme on the CCYSC blog, we are looking for contributions around how digital technology is related to children and young people. Contributions can range from digital childhoods, disability and technology, ways of consumption of digital technology by children and youth, mapping children and young people’s access and affordability around digital technology, and much more. We welcome short contributions in the form of essays/articles/research journal entries/visual and graphic representations of research tools/ video journals made by researchers etc. Written contributions should not be more than 1500-2000 words. For video contributions, please ensure that the file size is not more than 10GB. All material should be sent to Please send your contribution latest by December 25th, 2020. Please feel free to circulate this call amongst your circles. We look forward to your contributions!

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